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Signing a Contract

Most people need a Will, yet most people don't have one. Making a Will means that YOU decide what happens to YOUR estate - the importance of this cannot be underestimated. Without a Will, what happens to your possessions, your children, even to your pets is out of your hands. Making a Will is easier and cheaper than most of our clients think, and the peace of mind that it gives is priceless. 

A straightforward Will is £195 + VAT, 

A straightforward mirror Will is £295 + VAT,

Asset Protection Wills are £595 + VAT. 

It is always worth having a quick, and free, chat to one of our team to ensure that your family is protected, your assets are protected and that you do not unwittingly pay more tax than you need to on death.  Appointments can be made at a time and place to suit you. We have offices in Hartlepool, Peterlee and Middlesbrough.


The importance of making a Will cannot be underestimated. Many people think that Wills are for the elderly or that they don't need a Will because they are fit and healthy. However, we cannot predict the future and as much as we all hope to live a long and healthy life, we have all known someone who has been taken from us too early which could potentially leave loved ones in a vulnerable position. By creating a Will you are ensuring that your assets and loved ones are protected.


Will benefits: 

  • Your loved ones are provided for financially and that that your money goes where you 'think' it should.

  • It reduce the chances of any disputes. You choose what happens with your assets, who get what, and how much! Everything will be detailed in your Will, and there won't be any unnecessary arguments between loved ones. 

  • You protect your partner if you are unmarried. If you and your partner aren't married or in a civil partnership, your partner does not have the 'right to inherit' if you don't have a Will.

  • Ensure your spouse inherits all of your assets on death - dependant on the size of your estate this may not automatically happen via the intestacy rules. 

  • You decide who will look after your children.  This decision is made by the courts if there is no Will in place and will be selected from family members or state-appointed guardians.

  • Don’t pay more Inheritance Tax than you need to. Inheritance Tax is paid at 40% which is above the threshold. You could reduce this amount by taking the correct advice and making a Will.

  • Wills are flexible. You can change your will at any time and as life events come and go you may wish to change who receives your assets. You may have a child, or get a divorce. Whatever the reason you can change your Will to suit you. 

  • You can protect your pets by leaving them with someone you trust that will look after them properly and will love them the same way you do. 

  • You are prepared. Making a Will while you are fit and healthy could ease some of the strain during a stressful time. Time could be a factor with a sudden illness or accident. 

  • You can leave a gift to charity.

Do not delay. Call one of our Smith and Graham today and peak to one of our solicitors who will help you protect your loved ones and guarantee that your wishes are met when you die. 

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