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Cerebral Palsy

X-Ray Results

If your child has suffered medical negligence that resulted in cerebral palsy give one of our experts a call and we will help you to investigate a possible compensation claim.

A successful cerebral palsy compensation claim could provide you with the financial support you require to care for your child.  You will need to demonstrate that there was medical negligence and staff failed in their duty to care for you and your child.


Medical errors which could have contributed to a case of cerebral palsy include:

  • Inadequate treatment of maternal health conditions during pregnancy

  • Failure to monitor fetal development during pregnancy

  • Failing to act on distress of the baby during labour which results in the baby being deprived of oxygen during birth

  • Mismanagement of forceps or ventouse during delivery of a baby

If you feel that your child has suffered due to medical negligence or clinical negligence. Do not delay and call Smith and Graham to discuss your matter. 

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