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Misdiagnosis Claims

Receiving the wrong diagnosis can be devastating for individuals and their families. Thankfully, in Britain, most patients are diagnosed quickly and correctly, however mistakes can happen. If you have been unfortunate enough to be misdiagnosed, we are here to make sure that you are compensated.


Generally, a misdiagnosis will fall into one of three categories:

  • Incorrect diagnosis - when a medical professional diagnoses’ you with the wrong condition.

  • Missed diagnosis – when a medical professional fails to diagnose any problem at all.

  • Late diagnosis - when your condition is identified late, causing delays in treatment.

A misdiagnosis can be made by any NHS or private medical professional who is responsible for diagnosis.


Misdiagnosis may occur if your GP or consultant fails to interpret test results accurately, examine you properly or refer you to the correct specialist.


You’ll usually need to make a claim within three years of becoming aware of your misdiagnosis. If you’re claiming on behalf of a child there is no time limit until they turn 18. If you wish to make a claim on behalf of someone you believe died because of misdiagnosis, you will need to claim within three years of their passing.


If you have a been a victim of misdiagnosis call Smith and Graham. Our specialist solicitors will arrange an appointment to suit you, support you through each step of the claims process, and make sure that your care needs are fully considered in any settlement that’s reached.

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