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Scaphoid Fracture Claims

A scaphoid fracture is a very common injury that can occur following an accident, such as a trip, slip or fall. The scaphoid is a small bone on the thumb side of the wrist and due to its size, is susceptible to fractures.

Misdiagnosed scaphoid fractures are a frequent cause of complaints against A&E and radiology departments. This is because although the scaphoid bone is the most common bone to be fractured, it is often hard to spot on the X-ray. If such scenario happens, it can cause long-term complications, including:

  • Wrist mobility problems

  • Wrist stiffness

  • Pain in the wrist

  • Arthritis developing in the affected wrist

If you have been involved in an accident which led to a scaphoid fracture and was caused by someone else or have been for an X-ray and the fracture was missed, which led to further complications or injury, you may be entitled to scaphoid fracture compensation. Give Smith and Graham a call if you feel that you may have a claim, and our expert solicitors will arrange an appointment to discuss your case.

Asian doctor checking a X-ray image
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