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Prescription Error Claims

A prescription error is where a mistake is made during the prescribing or dispensing of medication to a particular patient. This can lead to the patient taking medication that they shouldn’t take, or a higher or lower dose than is required. It could cause:

  • A new or worsened illness, depending on the medication and dosage

  • Damage to mental health, for example if this is a side effect to the prescribed drug

  • A prolonging of the original illness

If a medical professional prescribes incorrect medication, it doesn’t always mean that it amounts to medical negligence. However, if the medical professional is negligent (for example, they ignore your previous medical notes and prescribe you a medication that worsens another condition you have), and you suffer consequently, you could claim. Also, if a pharmacist receives the correct prescription but gives you the incorrect medication, and this causes you injury or illness, you could claim compensation. Give Smith and Graham a call and our expert solicitors will arrange an appointment suitable for you, and discuss your case.

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