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Doctor and Patient

Medical Negligence 

Britain's NHS care is usually very good, most of the time things go to plan and patients do not have any issues. However, there are occasions when things go wrong.

If you have been injured due to negligent medical treatment, you may be entitled to take legal action and seek compensation for your injuries. You could also take legal action for compensation if you’re the next of kin of someone else. This could be for someone who has died where there was negligence during a medical procedure, or for someone who no longer has capacity, who cannot take legal action for themselves. 

Examples of medical negligence include:

  • If your health care provider did not diagnose your condition or made the wrong diagnosis

  • Your health care provider made a mistake during a procedure or operation

  • You received the incorrect drug

  • Your health care provider did not receive your informed consent prior to treatment

  • Your health care provider failed to inform you of the risks involved

Compensation claims can be made for any injuries or losses suffered as a direct result of the negligent treatment you received.


This can include:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering you experience after your treatment

  • The cost for any ongoing treatment

  • Compensation if you can no longer carry out certain activities or enjoy your hobbies

  • Loss of earnings

  • Ongoing costs relating to extra care or equipment you may need

  • The cost of altering your home

  • Compensation for psychological suffering or issues resulting from the treatment.

If you are considering a claim against your medical provider, please call our specialist solicitors on

01429 271651. They will be able to assist you in claiming the compensation you deserve. 

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