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Road Traffic Accidents

There are many types of road traffic accident claims, they can be made depending upon what occurred, and what caused the accident. 

Examples of injuries include:
• Soft tissue injuries such as whiplash where the muscles and tendons are stretched as a result of the accident. 
• Fractures or broken bones
• Lacerations, cuts and bruising 
• Shock
• Serious Injury such as brain damage, paralysis, or loss of limbs.

A road accident can occur because of numerous reasons. No matter what the reasons are however, you must be able to prove that the person you are making the claim against was in the wrong. Most car accidents occur mainly because of;
• Negligence – this can range from mobile phone use, eating or drinking, changing music in the car, to alcohol or drug consumption while driving.
• Weather conditions – Road accidents can occur in many instances due to perverse weather conditions such as snow, rainy weather and icy roads.
• Recklessness – driving with no concern for traffic signs is another major cause of road accidents. Speeding too can be termed as recklessness and distractions in or outside of the car can also lead to road mishaps.
• Poor road maintenance – poor roads are another leading cause of road accidents. Construction, poor road signs and potholes are examples of poor road maintenance.
• Car malfunction – cars will in most cases have a system failure system where one of the devices may have stopped functioning. Common equipment that may fail in the car include the brakes, poor road tyre traction and steering wheel malfunction.

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